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Discover Maestro creates cutting edge tech, vibrant and engaging directory sites for cities, counties, military bases and organizations. This is not just another website.

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This is more than a website. We are a digital marketing automation, tech giant which we infuse into our websites to generate traffic and send them to local participating businesses.  We compliment Chamber of Commerces and Travel Bureaus that have not evolved with technology which allows greater prosperity for everyone. Most with other memberships are left to wonder, "Is this it?" You don't wonder with us.

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Every participating business gets a dashboard that allows them to track their digital presence and measure any digital marketing efforts. Although a business listing on our site can serve as a website, if a member would like a word press website, we provide basic sites for free.
A website is a crucial step from our site to your business.


You get access to post in our exclusive Thurston County Facebook groups with over 50,000 members. The only businesses that can post in our groups are members! Our normal rate is $99 per month.

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* We ONLY offer an exclusivity rate for one real estate broker, mortgage, car dealer, marketing and insurance. This rate does not apply to these entities. This ensures your success. Use the "schedule call" below if you fall under these categories.

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Adding your business to is a smart move for both local visibility and broader SEO benefits.

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