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Can the Navy’s Million-Dollar Zombie Game Turn You Into a Supersoldier?

As a lone operator in the dreary world of Project Azriel, advertised as “the only first person shooter zombie-themed video game cognitive trainer tough enough to build fluid intelligence without boring you to death,” survival means following instructions and solving memory puzzles while rekilling the undead.

The U.S. Navy spent $949,000 on it! Released by CurriculaWorks, a company that aims to “make learning challenges fun,” the game represents five years of research and development, funded by the Office of Naval Research. The purpose of the game is to increase the player’s “fluid intelligence” — “the capacity to think logically and solve problems in novel situations.”

The game is $69.99 but for a limited time with Ranger Dave, you can benefit from a special introductory price. You can get the early access game now for $19.99!

Join us and contribute to the game’s future development weighing in on feature enhancements as the game develops! Most of all, you can support us as we lead the growing genre of enter-training games, what video games should be doing: adding a “spoonful of sugar” to important learning tasks.