Nisha Smith knows JBLM!

Veteran, Military Spouse, Mom, MBA in Business, a family dynasty in real estate. Nisha knows everything that you need to be successful in buying or selling your home.

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What I can do for you?

Buying? Let me help you find your dream home—in any price range.

With many years of buying and selling in the region, I’ll help you find the property that’s perfect for you. Send me a message to discuss more.

"We were first-time home buyers and went in knowing almost nothing. From showing us places to making sure we understood every step of the process, Nisha made everything so much easier for us."
-Jordan Caseo

Selling? Let’s get you the price you deserve.

With intimate knowledge of the current local market, I’ll help you sell your home for what it’s worth—maybe more.

"Due to a last-minute job transfer, we needed to sell our house during the slower winter season. Nisha put in the work to get us above market value for our home with a quick and painless closing process."
-Sandra Espeth  

Why should you buy and sell with Nisha?

Customer satisfaction

75% of new customers come from glowing referrals from past customers)

Many years in the JBLM area

I know every street and every block in every neighborhood.

An eye for

Showings. Mortgage brokers. Appraisals. Even the legal stuff. I’ll help you take care of every detail.

Fastest close rate

My listings rarely spend more than two weeks on the market—with most closing above asking.

Keeping it simple

Real estate can be tricky. I make sure that you understand every step of the process.

I make the hard stuff easy.

Let’s have a no-commitment chat about buying the perfect new home or selling your current one. I’ll walk you through the whole process, so you know what to expect.

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