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Yelp is the number one review site for finding local businesses. It's a business directory!

Yelp content is displayed in searches - reviews, photos, businesses, maps and more.

Track your success. Analytics on Yelp show you how you are performing.

Organic SEO

Show up on search engines. When someone conducts a search, Yelp consistently shows up in search results.

Content Partners

Apple (Siri), Amazon (Alexa), Bing, and Yahoo all use Yelp data to share with their users. 

Social Media & Websites

Review integrations for posting to Yelp and Facebook. Websites can display a Yelp logo which helps users to make their final buying decisions.

Yelp has a significant market share of the digital world & demographics that can't be ignored if you want to stay ahead.


Million Monthly Users


Percentage of the digital population Yelp Reaches


percentage of users making greater than 100k


percent of women 25-34

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Dave Maestas

Retired Special Forces "Green Beret" & Airborne Ranger

Entrepreneur - Guerrilla Marketing Pro

CEO of Discover Maestro

"I partnered with Yelp as I have seen the results for my marketing clients. The power of a Yelp listing and tracking the analytics is crucial for many businesses."

- Dave Maestas

Dave is a Yelp Ads Certified Partner (YACP) which gives you great benefits

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